We realize that we are in hard economic times right now and we want to help you the best that we can. We have decided to give you the option to save more money. We are now offering prepay rates.If you pay on Friday for the next week then you will now receive a discounted rate. Currently this discount is only for full time enrollees. Below is a list of our current rates and the new prepay discount.

Tuition Prices Current Tuition Prices

This file is in adobe pdf format. If you cannot open this file then you can download the free viewer from:

    We would also like to make you aware of some other ways that you can save money. If you pay by the month you will receive an additional 5% off the prepay rate. If you refer someone and they stay for 5 weeks then you will receive that 5th week for free. We hope that this will be a help during these hard times. If you have any questions about any of this information please feel free to contact us.